Body Count

Body Count

Three bodies, one soul,
The ghost that haunts me,
A presence irresistibly evil,
His hold over my subconscious certain,
Three bodies, one soul,
I keep burning the bridges,
No, when I want yes,
Yes, when I need no,
It is a passion for insane,
Delusional accounts of intimacy,
Three bodies, one soul,
If we make sense it hurts,
If we hold hands, it burns,
Sets us on blinding flames,
If I see him, he moves on,
A step into his eternity,
An eternal party of souls with bodies expired too fast,
Proof, all the good ones, died young,
Three bodies, one soul,
A little girl dreaming of a love so wicked,
A poet with a kink for the pain and the drunken,
A poet with a kink for madness,
Now it hurts, I keep denouncing the sadness,
Naming the demons I’d like to keep,
Make a home for his shadow-less self in my subconscious,
If I name him, he will stay,
Three bodies, one soul,
One dead, two to go,
A ghost, an architect and a philosopher,
To haunt me, to build me and to take me apart,
Three bodies, one soul,
Two dead, one to go,
I’m haunted, built up, waiting for the breakdown,
A ghost, a ghost and a philosopher,
Three bodies, one soul,
Two dead, one to go.

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