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Choices And Decisions

Choices And Decisions

Isn’t it amazing how some people always know exactly what YOU should do in any given situation? They are always ready to give you advice even when you don’t ask for it, which is probably most of the time. It gets even worse when their own lives are not coherent with their talk.

For example, an obese person advising you on healthy eating, a bankrupt person advising you on finance or a person whose family life is a mess advising you on how to lead a great family life. The list goes on. The only advice I would accept from people who don’t walk their talk is: “Do the opposite of what I do.” I made it a golden rule in my life to only take advice from people who have already achieved what I want. Funnily, these are the ones who don’t bother you with advice, but when you ask them for it, they happily answer. They don’t push their advice on you.

One thing is clear though. You have to take your own decisions. What works for other people is not guaranteed to work for you, and you might have to tweak it a little according to your personality and your habits. You have the best information on your life, and you know best what works for you. A good example is this book you hold in your hands. A collection of a hundred things that helped people to raise their self-esteem. You have to play with it and try out how some of these 100 ways work for you, and then keep practicing the ones that work best for you. Taking two or three and practicing them regularly should already do most of the job. When you dominate them, add another two or three and so on.

The problem with other people making decisions for you is that the chances are that things will go the way they want and not the way you want – and even worse if you always let other people make decisions for you, you will never learn to take your own decisions. A good trick is to listen to other people’s opinions, listening closely, and then taking your own decisions.

First of all, because only you know your personal situation and secondly because you will also be the one who ultimately has to deal with the consequences – no matter who advised you in the first place. So, if you occasionally mess up – at least mess up doing it your own way and not the way other people told you to. They will have an excuse that it wasn’t their fault anyway, quicker than the speed of light.

Your decisions won’t always be perfect – and they don’t have to be. But like I said, it’s a lot better to make your own mistakes and learn from them, than to always do what other people want you to do, right? Remember, taking your own decisions only has advantages for you!

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