What Is Love?

What Is Love?

When you are 14.
Love is a girl you don’t talk to,
Just a girl you stare at and on a lucky day, she stares back.

When you are 16.
Love is the girl you see in church.
Always with her mother.
She doesn’t wear dresses.
She’s always in jeans.
Everytime you walk past her and her mother, you bounce a bit.
Everytime her mother is busy talking to other people, you always almost go over to say hi
….but you never do.

When you are 18.
Love is jealousy.
The girl in church is friends with your friend.
Your friend is the boy who walked over and said hi when her mother was busy talking to other people.

What Is Love

When you are 22,
Love is petty.
Like, postponing a date because of a pimple on your face.

When you are 24,
Love is a poem.
I think about you 8 days in a week.
I don’t see you often, I see us together.
your eyes are the recipe for how to cook my heart.
sometimes when I miss you, I can’t eat. And I’m always afraid to tell people. They might say you make me sick.
I’m in a corner right now, I can’t buy you airtime but I’m so into you,
I can stage a demo at freedom corner and demand for your free airtime!

When you are 25.
Love is a delicate thing.
You don’t want people to know you are a glass just in case they like breaking things.

When you are 27,
Love is to say I miss you without saying I miss you.
Like, I read something that reminded me about you today.

When you are 28,
Love is something with no name.
That way, you don’t have to call it.
It will come when it wants to.

When you stop counting,
Love is who you are,
Love is what you feel,
Love is something you did,
Love is free,
Love is where you want to be,
I feel like I can change the world.
And it’s all love.

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